A confidential service for survivors of childhood abuse

A confidential service for survivors of childhood abuse


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Counselling/ Support
Offering a safe place for you to talk about things that may be affecting your life. It is your choice what you discuss and we will go at your pace. You will have a first appointment to decide which service would suit you best and then you will be offered as many sessions as you need.

We have counsellors based across Scotland and will try to ensure that you are seen locally.

If you need support with practical issues such as benefits, housing, criminal injuries compensation claims etc we have workers who can help you. We can also help you to access records of your time in care.

You will be linked with a befriender who will help you gain confidence in dealing with new experiences. A befriender can help to establish links within the local community and to access social, educational and recreational opportunities.

Many people find it helps to share their experience with others to support one another. We offer women's support groups, men's support groups, art therapy and writers groups.

Library and Resources
We have a large library in our offices with over 500 books on childhood abuse, health related issues, self help books etc.

We will be offering training to other organisations on abuse issues.

Getting Involved
A very important part of our service is that we will learn how to improve by the people who use our services. We will be organising a group where people using the service will be able to have their voices heard.


Comments from Young Persons Group

Open Secret is open, honest, helpful, caring and loving - Female age 13.

OpenSecret is trustworthy, joyful, warm, kind and confidential - Female age 14.

Open Secret is somewhere I can be upset and angry - Female age 14.

It is a helpful place where you can talk to them - Female age 14.

Open Secret is happy, confidential, honest, caring and trustworthy - Female age 12.

Open Secret is aplace where you can open up and people listen - Female age 13.

Open Secret is a place to open up - Female age 11.

Every time you come you grow your trust - Female age 11.

It is the coolest place ever, it helps you be able to tell your feelings - Female age 14.


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