A confidential service for survivors of childhood abuse

A confidential service for survivors of childhood abuse


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Who we are

Open Secret is a Scottish charity established in 1994 to work with survivors of childhood abuse. In 2008 we changed our constitution to work with all types of abuse. We have office bases in Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire but are a Scotland wide charity.

We offer:

  • A free confidential service to survivors of childhood abuse
  • Support to partners and friends
  • Support to other workers and organisations working with abuse issues
  • Support for non abusing parents of children who have been abused.

The VISION of Open Secret is as follows:

Ending the hurt and pain caused by childhood abuse

And the MISSION is:

To lead the battle against the hurt caused by childhood abuse by providing hope and life enhancing support services to survivors and their families; and lead a societal campaign to end such pain.


Our work with service users is:

  • confidential
  • client centred
  • non-judgemental
  • We work in partnership with each service-user
  • listening and being flexible
  • supporting self respect and self development
  • with trust in the individual and in their choice of services appropriate to their needs

We are committed to

  • openness and transparency in our process of working
  • being a learning and developing organisation
  • a community based approach, involving and training local people as volunteer support workers
  • monitoring and evaluation to ensure effective and responsive services
  • partnership working with other agencies
  • increasing the ways by which childhood abuse can be spoken about, understood and eradicated from our society in future

Download our latest Strategy Document by clicking here.

How We Work

We value everyone as a unique individual and try to offer as holistic a service as possible to survivors. We have many options for support available within the service and you can find more information on the current services available here.

Our main strands of support are:

  • Adult Survivors Individual Support & Counselling Service
  • Early Years Family Support & Counselling Services
  • Befriending Service
  • Groupwork Services
  • Advocacy Support Service
  • Ethnic Survivors Support Service (with Ethnic Survivors Forum)
  • Complementary Therapies Service


Would you like to work with us?  

Open Secret employs people in a diverse range of careers.  Click on "Recruitment" on the bottom menu bar for more information.

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Open Secret

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